Thomas started playing cello at the age of 8 in Avignon, France. After studying in Dijon and Paris conservatoires with Professor Christian Wolff and Helene Dautry, he was offered a scholarship in 2005 to study with Jerome Pernoo at the Royal College of Music of London where he graduated with honor in 2009.


During his studies, he becomes the recipient of several prizes including the 2nd prize at the International Glazunov cello competition, the 1st prize for Virtuosity and Excellence at Fresnes Conservatoire in Paris and regularly appears as soloist with orchestras. He also won the 1st prize at Ealing International Chamber Music competition and is now invited to perform in chamber music in several countries in Europe and Brazil.


Alongside his performing career, Thomas has a teaching license from the Royal College of Music of London and is currently teaching in London, UK. His interest in taking music beyond the limits of conventional performances has led him to become the artistic director of the ARCH Foundation and to create the Maternik Foundation. These institutions take music and performances to hospitals and other healthcare establishments for people with limited access to the arts.




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