FORBIDDEN VOICES  ( Songs by Jewish composers banned by the Nazis)


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In April 1933 shortly after coming to power, the Nazi government issued an edict to remove all non-Aryans from the civil service. In effect, all Jewish employees were to be removed from public life.


So what happened to those composers banned under Nazi cultural policies?


Some emigrated to other countries where they achieved recognition for their compositions.


Others were no longer able to pursue their composing careers. Many composers’ voices were silenced in the gas chamber of Auschwitz: much of their music has been forgotten.


It is to rewrite musical history, to bring to a wider audience the songs of composers banned by the Nazis that this project has been devised, so that the voices of these remarkable forbidden composers may, once again, be heard.


To Dear Judith & Craig,

A tragic page in history was written for my generation. God willing, you will write your page with happiness, love, shalom and a celebration of human dignity.

With all my love,

Alicia Appleman-Jurman


(Holocaust Survivor and author of Alicia: My Story)



Judith Sheridan

The daughter of German Jewish refugees, and the great niece of the Opera Singer, Sabine Kalter, Judith’s rich and varied musical career has taken her across continents and into the opera houses, concert halls and educational establishments of Europe and America.  After graduating from the Royal Northern College of Music, and Lancaster University, her studies led finally to the Opera Studio in Hamburg, after which she spent ten happy years treading the boards as an Opera Diva  Since returning to England, Judith now divides her time between performing, conducting and teaching,

Judith’s special interest in the rarely performed music by recently discovered composers banned under the Nazi regime led her to devise the Forbidden Voices project which is the culmination of many years’ research and performances of this remarkable music.




  Craig W.Combs
  Judith Sheridan





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